This New Years, let’s not be content to merely make resolutions.  Hey, over 95% of all New Year’s resolutions fail!  Instead, let’s set INTENTIONS.  What’s the difference, you say?  Resolutions are all based on “future outcomes”…like losing weight or stopping smoking…and they must be planned for and worked on and achieved through great discipline.  Great if you can do it.

INTENTION, however, is not oriented toward a future outcome. Instead, according to Buddhist practice, it is a path that focuses on how you are “being” in the present moment. Your attention is on the ever-present “now” in the constantly changing flow of life. You set your intentions based on UNDERSTANDING WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU and make a commitment to ALIGN YOUR ACTIONS WITH YOUR INNER VALUES.


What are your inner values?   Live by them.  Think according to them and act according to them.  Remember, thoughts become actions and actions become habits.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Martha and Jeff