Green Cedars Sculpture Walk

The Green Cedars Sculpture Walk is a 0.1 mile path through the wooded grounds of Expressions of Health that features the stunning and thought-provoking art of award-winning sculptor David Marion. David was born and raised in the Detroit area and now resides in Baltimore, MD.

Artist Statement
by David Marion

“I strive to create objects that illustrate a symbiotic relationship between man-made objects and organic forms through the juxtaposition of natural and mechanical imagery. I am after the unimaginable; a metamorphosis of microbiology, science fiction, industrial technology, and raw nature. The images gain their power by highlighting contrasting media, texture, and form. The sculptural creations in Green Cedars Sculpture Walk explore relationships between human activity, technology, and the natural world. They bring together natural and man-made materials to reflect on humanity’s impact on the environment and technology’s influence on society. This work provides a framework to build on discussions concerning environmental conservation.”

1. Pistil & Stamen – This piece uses flower and mechanical imagery to represent the imbalance between man and nature.

2. Extinction Event – Steel, ceramic, and wood convey a violent future for the natural environment. In this allegory of the Earth’s potential death and rebirth, butterflies emerge from a setting of charred wood, gas tanks, and coffins.

3. Earth Nest – Earth cradled in a steel nest with 3 mechanical forms representing the fragile balance between man and nature.

4. Flutter – A closed system fountain built of ceramic and steel utilizing mechanical and animal imagery.

5. Solar Reflection – Solar radiation enters the atmosphere mainly as light, and some of that radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface. It is then changed to heat that is re-radiated into the atmosphere, where it is absorbed by greenhouse gases, then re-radiated back to Earth. “Reflection” in this piece is to give serious thought and consideration to protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems.

6. CRISPR Dragonfly – Sculpture based on CRISPR genome editing.

TBD. Spool of Resistance – Uses mechanical form to represent industrial dominance of natural environments.

7. Fracking – Dependence on fossil fuels and the risks of hydraulic fracturing. The sculpture depicts a biomechanical figure with a drill-like tail that threatens to bore through the ground.

8. Clear Cut – The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, mass extinctions, and increased greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. This sculpture represents human’s negative impact on the environment.

9. Healing Vortex – Swirling centers of energy in the earth that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. This sculpture represents the destruction of this energy through a sustained abuse of our natural resources.

TBD. Last Drop – Extreme drought and water shortages due to effects of global warming.

10. Extinguisher – Inspired by antique extinguishers that were part of our Ridge Road log cabin, this highlights the importance of controlling carbon emissions.


  • Present Open Studies, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
  • 1986 B.F.A. Sculpture, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
  • 1985 Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art, New York Studio Program, New York, NY



  • Mary Sawyers Baker Prize Visual Arts



  • Mission Universe: A Curanaut’s Journey, An Artscape Gallery Network Exhibition, Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, Towson, MD
  • The Fall Art Show, Y:Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  • 3rd Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Arts Program Gallery, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD


  • Art in Clay: Origins 3 National Juried Ceramic Sculpture Show, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY


  • Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition,University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD
  • Re/View A CCS Alumni Juried Exhibition, Valade Family Gallery, Alfred Taubman Center for Design, Detroit, MI
  • Things That Scare Me Invitational Exhibition, The Rouse Company Foundation Gallery, Horowitz Center, Columbia, MD