Several good ways to keep our blood sugar under control is to eat small frequent meals throughout the day, eat foods low on the glycemic index, always pair a starch with a protein and eat some good fats and fiber.

So for this week, let one of your daily snacks be:

* 3 celery sticks filled with a little peanut butter, 3 cucumber slices, 3 carrot slices, 3 slices of any color pepper (you can vary these veggies, but eat mostly green with other colors of the rainbow thrown in!).

* 6-10 raw almonds (or small handful of unsalted roasted peanuts) with a small bunch of grapes.

* optionally, you can also have 3 oz. of PLAIN yogurt with a bit of honey in it.  Make sure the yogurt is NOT non-fat (low-fat is fine) with no added sugary fruit.

Pay attention to how you feel after this healthy snack.  We believe you will notice that you feel satisfied, healthier, and a bit happier for doing something great for your body!

Have a healthy snack, Yak!!