Hello Friends!  Following are two videos (Parts 1 and 2) that take you through strength and balance exercises that you can do while traveling or incorporate throughout your day.  Below the videos we have included a list of exercises you can print (copy and paste) to take with you as a guide.  We hope you enjoy these exercises and find them beneficial.  Note:  Be on the lookout for Part 3 – Flexibility.

As our Spriggles friends say:  “Stay in Shape, Ape”!




Strength and Balance While Traveling (No Equipment Required)


Wide Wall Pushups (Tip:  The further you stand from the wall the more difficult)

Narrow Wall Pushups (Same Tip as Wide)

Lat Pull Downs (Tip:  Lats are upper back muscles)

Bicep Curls

Bent Over Tricep Curls

Wide Squats  (Tip:  Use back of chair, counter, or other for stability if needed)

Narrow Squats  (Tip: Same Tip as Wide)

Standing Leg Curls

Standing Chest Openers

Calf Raises

Calf Stretches

One Leg Balancing Quadriceps Stretch (Tip: Front Thigh Stretch)

Standing Balancing Pigeon (Tip:  Can do this in a chair or on floor as well)

Glute Squeeze

Kegel Exercises

Seated Leg Lifts (I meant to say when sitting behind Hospitality Desk (Smile))

Chair Twist – Chair Chest Opener – Chair Biceps and Triceps

Abdominal Curls with Twist (Front Core)

Locust (Back Core)