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  1. New Research: Sit Less and Live Longer!


    The following article cites several new studies that have shown if we reduce the amount of time we sit on a daily basis, we can actually increase our life expectancy. Sitting less than three hours a day could increase life expectancy by 2 years.   Of course, this is not always easy, considering our jobs, but there are simple stretches and exercises outlined in this article to help in those situations.  In fact, by just reducing the amount of time spent sitting in front of the TV each day to less than two 2 hours, life expectancy could increase by 1.4 years.

    As well, this article introduces us to Foundation exercises, which attack the root cause of most low back pain…weakness and imbalance in the posterior chain of muscles (muscles involving the pelvis, spine, and hips).    The simple and basic Foundation exercises displayed in this article are enormously beneficial to anyone who finds themselves sitting for an extended period of time as well as to those of us with ongoing low back pain.

    We urge you to read this article, sit less, and live longer!!

  2. Modified Sun Salutation

    Here’s a gentle, modified sun salutation that will provide a wonderful “awakening” to both your mind and body.  Try and do it each morning.  Enjoy!



  3. Free Yoga at the Library (09/28/2011)

    The Robert J. Parks Library in Oscoda will be hosting a FREE YOGA CLASS on Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  The entire community is welcome to attend this beginner class that will utilize a gentle, slow-flow style to enhance flexibility, strength, balance, and peace of mind. This class is accessible to all age groups and levels of fitness.

    It is recommended that you bring your own yoga or exercise mat (there will be a limited supply available), water, and eat only a light meal no later than one hour before class.  The class will be taught by Martha and Jeff Gottlieb of Expressions of Health.

    So gather your friends and family and join us for this exciting free event.  For more information, contact the Robert J. Parks Library at (989) 739- 9581 or Expressions of Health at (989) 739-5498.


  4. Balancing Our Options


    Expressions of Health motivates you to practice your basic balance postures and offers you tips to be successful.  We hope you enjoy this short video and please let us know what other exercises, postures, or topics you are interested in.

    Namaste,  Martha and Jeff




    WHEN:  Saturday, July 23 @ 7:00 a.m.

    WHERE: Oscoda Beach Park

    WHAT: A 45-minute beach yoga class geared to beginners but open to all ages and fitness levels.  And all are welcome to stick around and join us afterward for some fun water and beach exercises!

    WHO: Open to the entire community

    WHAT TO BRING:  Friends, family, a towel, a smile, and lots of enthusiasm!

    ****Donations will be accepted for the Loaves and Fishes community lunch program and the Oscoda Kids Backpack program****


  6. “Faith Fitness” classes in Oscoda!

    Martha and Jeff Gottlieb, owners of Expressions of Health, are introducing a new Faith Fitness class that is available to the entire community.  Faith Fitness is a fun exercise class inspired by, and set to, contemporary Christian music. The class includes simple moves to elevate heart rates, strengthen and tone muscles, and enhance balance and flexibility.  The length of the class is about 60 minutes and is appropriate for all ages, from first-timers to seasoned exercisers.

    Classes will be held on Wednesday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 29 at 6:00 p.m. at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall in Oscoda.  Faith Fitness classes are strictly non-profit and donation-based, with all donations going toward the “Oscoda Schools Backpack” food assistance program and the “Loaves and Fishes” community lunch program.
    Class participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes, and bring a towel or mat for floor exercises as well as two canned goods to use in the strength portion of the program.  The canned goods can be donated to a local charity at the end of the class.
    “We are thrilled to bring Faith Fitness to the local community,” offered Martha. “Just clapping your hands, breathing and/or singing is exercise.  Since Faith Fitness is accessible to all levels of fitness, we look forward to seeing the entire community and having some fun!”