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At Expressions of Health we honor the synergy of mind, body, and spirit as the foundation of a healthy, energetic life. To that end, our dedicated and certified professionals offer these wide ranging “expressions” of health, either on-site or in the community:

Yoga is a practice that originated in India several centuries ago. The word “yoga” means “union”—the goal of yoga is to achieve union of body, mind and spirit. Hatha Yoga is the physical side of yoga. Expressions of Health teaches a Vinyasa style, where the poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. This increases flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind while providing excellent toning of the muscles.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Depletion or blocking of our energy due to stress or trauma can lead to physical and emotional imbalance and disease. Reiki helps the body and mind re-establish a state of balance by unblocking the energy pathways. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reduces pain, alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression, enhances quality of life and overall well-being and supports the body’s own self-healing efforts.

Reflexology works with the reflexes in your hands and feet to increase circulation, nerve and blood supply. By massaging the hands and feet, reflexology releases uric acid crystals that can block nerve endings. These crystals feel like grains of sand underneath the skin. Massaging these congested areas unblocks the nerve endings while stimulating circulation and energy flow. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, which connect to different ares of the body. By applying direct pressure on a specific area of the foot the corresponding area of the body is stimulated.

Everyone can benefit from reflexology. Reflexology relieves tension and stress. The increased circulation and energy flow helps the body regain balance and normalcy. Reflexology helps the body achieve a state of equilibrium. This holistic practice can help alleviate pain and promote healing. At Expressions of Health, we offer either a 30 minute or 60 minute session. During and after the session it is recommended to drink lots of water to flush out the uric acid and aid in detoxifying the body.

Customized Healthy Retreats: Enjoy a customized healthy getaway for you or your special group! Want to experience a yoga class one day and a Reiki session the next? How about a day that includes meditation, reflexology, and a quiet walk on the beach? Maybe a relaxing massage after an invigorating workout? With a healthy retreat at Expressions of Health, not only do you get to choose the exact classes and services you want to participate in, but you only pay for those classes and services. You are our guests here, and the rooms and use of our home is at no charge. Give us a call and let us customize and host your perfect healthy retreat. Ideal for families, friends, and any group up to six people!

Golf Conditioning: A golf-specific conditioning program consists of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional flexibility. Resistance training strengthens the “core” body— the abs, low back, and hamstrings. Cardiovascular conditioning generates energy to play longer at peak performance. Functional flexibility enhances swing mechanics and shot execution. Together, these three components build strength, suppleness, and stamina. They also build confidence in yourself and your game.

All services are provided by Martha, Jeff, and Betsy.

Our Rates

Wellness Service Fees

Reiki Therapy

One Hour – $65 (Iosco/Alcona residents – $45)*
Half Hour – $35 (Iosco/Alcona residents – $25)*



One Hour – $65 (Iosco/Alcona residents – $45)*
Half Hour – $35 (Iosco/Alcona residents – $25)*


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* Fees are reduced for local residents as part of the EOH Community Wellness program.

Private/Small Group Yoga

$10 per person (4 – 8 people)