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  1. Presidential Debate Jingle will Make Your Day, Blue Jay!

    Brought to you by Spriggles Motivational Books for Children

    In this season of political debates and candidates, Primates, let’s keep in mind, Porcupine, that we can agree to disagree, Flea.

    There’s no need for fights, Termites. And remember the golden rule from school, Mule, if you can’t say something nice, Mice, then mum’s the word, Hummingbird.

    Stick to the facts with no personal attacks, Yaks. Just tell us what YOU are going to do, Caribou. What is your plan, Lamb, and what direction will you take, Snake. We can’t sweep the issues under the rug, Bug.

    And it’s not OK, Stingray to bash the leader of our nation, Dalmation. Though his policies you may dislike, Pike, name-calling gets us nowhere, Polar Bear.

    So let’s unite, Bobwhite. We need a strategic plan, Pelican, followed by a mission and common goals, Moles. An agenda we can all follow, Swallow certainly would be best, Robin Redbreast.

    But it takes all of us, Platypus! Divided we fail, Whale, but together we succeed, Centipede. So let’s keep on trying, Lion, to get this country in great shape, Ape!

    Get out and vote, Billy Goat and make yourself heard, Bluebird!

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